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Don’t Look At The Back 5

And that’s that. I finished this top just in time to go pick up my 7700. It was a side trip into a type of quilting I don’t expect to do often. I’ll finish it eventually but for now I’m happy that the top is done. The next couple of days will be quilting-light so […]

More Luke Work and Featherweight Practice 5

I did some more work on my Luke Haynes class homework and used the opportunity to practice more with the Featherweight (I haven’t gotten the 7700 back yet). Working with salvaged clothes is a PAIN. The black striped fabric was especially frustrating to work with, it came from a pair of work pants and is way too […]



Featherweight Wednesday 7

My Janome 7700 is in the shop getting its yearly tune-up so I decided to get some practice in with the Featherweight. After using the 7700 on a daily basis for the last year the Featherweight feels SMALL in comparison. That’s not a bad thing, just a variable to get used to. I’m not sure […]

Mid-Year Giveaway 43

Let’s call this my 2nd year blog anniversary/500 followers on IG/whatever giveaway. The prize consists of: 1. A 11-piece fat quarter pack of the Momo – Linen Mochi Dot fabric line (I got mine at Sew Modern). Oh, and look, a fat quarter pack of the Momo Linen Mochi solids is on sale this week! 2. A […]



4th of July Basting-Palooza 5

Yesterday Maureen and I pin-basted four quilts (don’t worry, she was paid handsomely for her time). We started around 11:30 and finished after 10pm. I’m not sure if I ever want to baste this many quilts in one sitting again; I was sore all-over. Next week I take my machine in to be serviced and […]

A Post in 3 Parts: 4th of July-ish Edition 2

1. (Quilty) A couple of months ago I posted a comment on Mary Fons’ blog. She read my comment, checked out my blog and asked if I’d liked to appear in Quilty. I (obviously) said YES. The bio/interview-thingie appears in the July/August issue which hit the stands this week. I’d like to thank Mary Fons […]



I Could Never Love A Coward

Grab a box of tissues, it’s time for more romance comics! This time it’s I Could Never Love A Coward, first published in Secret Romance #39 (July, 1976). Check it out after the break (be patient, they are big scans).

Saturday at Sew Modern 2

On Saturday we attended a class at Sew Modern taught by Lauren, the owner. It was a paper piecing class using Carolyn Friedlander’s Aerial pattern. Lauren is a great teacher and I learned the basics of paper piecing. I didn’t get TONS done because, as usual for a class, I spent too much time talking and […]


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QuiltCon Tuesday 2

I hope QuiltCon registration went adequately for everyone. As a lapsed comic book fan who has attended ComicCon I’m used to the cluster f**k that is registration for a popular event. Registration will be annoying, no matter how much planning goes into it. I took a vacation day to both register without the stress of […]