change of URL 2

Yes! I’ve changed my website. Look, when I came up with ‘Mad Tesla’ I thought it sounded awesome but, quite frankly, Tesla is everywhere. I can’t do much with that title. I’ve been using the ‘@’ symbol for years and so I went with ( @Quilts, get it?).


mini-Homage pin basted 2

Work at MadTesla HQ is still crawling but at least we pin basted the mini-Homage quilt. One of the benefits of making not-huge quilts is pin basting on our foldable banquet tables. Pin basting is no-one’s favorite part of the quilting process so anything that makes basting easier is appreciated. This next week is going to […]

The goggles do nothing! 16

Sometimes I find a print that hurts my quilting sensibilities to such an extent that the only thing I can do is buy some and have a giveaway. My theory is that if I hate this fabric SO MUCH I want to wash my eyes with bleach there’s gotta be someone who loves it with the same fervor. To […]

unicorn fabric


Catch-up Update 5

The last two weeks have been busy around Mad Tesla HQ so I haven’t accomplished much quilt-wise. I pieced a smaller (1/4-ish the size) version of my Homage2 quilt. I’m going to use this quilt top as both a practice quilt for my first attempt at quilting using 28wt thread and because I wanted to work on […]

Homage Squared 7

I’ve wanted to make a quilt top homage to Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square for a while. A lucky Google search brought up this book which has a diagram of Albers’ four different Homage arrangements. I fell in love with a selection of chambray and denim fabrics from Robert Kaufman’s House of Denim collection which I […]



early September update 3

I’m still around! I finished the quilting on Off Centre and now I’m burying threads. LOTS AND LOTS of threads. There’s still a lot to do on this quilt but I’m confident I’ll have it finished by the QuiltCon entry deadline. Yesterday we made a trip to Sew Modern. If you follow me on IG […]

Working for free 14

Time for a quick rant(s) to get stuff off my chest, please feel free to ignore: Posts about companies asking artists for free work have popped up on my FB feed (see HERE and HERE). Artists are UP IN ARMS that they’re asked to do work for free. Look, EVERYONE who has a specialty in […]



5th Annual Action Kivu Fundraiser

Another year flies by and it’s time again for the Action Kivu fundraiser hosted by Alissa Haight Carlton. What does Action Kivu do? Action Kivu helps women and children who are victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo. The conflict in Congo has taken the lives of over 5.4 million people since 1998. Rape is […]

War on WIPs: The Eastern Front 1

The primary work on these four quilts is done. Two are going to be quilted some more; I decided to cross-hatch quilt them. Tomorrow I start working on the off centre quilt. I don’t want to screw it up so I’m gonna go sloooow. Look what I won from Robert Kaufman! Now I have to […]



Four topics in search of a post 4

1. Update I’ve been quilting! I’ve finished the quilting on two quilts and I have three more to go. It is going slowly but they are getting done. The first quilt has more than a fair share of mistakes that will take time to fix. I’m hoping to take some time off of work to […]