no time to sew this week

Tax season is usually busy, this one is busierThis afternoon was the first time I sewed this week. I’m very happy I got a block done, it really is an uplifting feeling to get something creative completed. My plans for this quilt have changed since watching the MQG webinar earlier this week. The new plans will take a lot of time (and white fabric).


webinar thought

Just one, really. Instead of the first rule/suggestion/whatever being Modern Quilts are made to be used (in bold) try something like Modern Quilts should be constructed as if they will be used. Two of the questions at the end of the webinar were asking for clarification on this rule. It rubs people the wrong way. Why not prevent that by making that first rule less…harsh? Just a thought.

SEWjo Saturday 2 / Starting a new top before finishing the last

I should finish this quilt top, right? Well, I kinda like the idea of working on blocks during this busy time. It lets me accomplish something even when I have a short amount of time to sew.

I’m trying to recreate some blocks I made for our quilt guild. I really liked the look and I wanted to make more. The one technique I’m adding to each block is what I’m calling franken-fabric (I’m sure there’s a right way to call this). I’m cutting big pieces of fabric into oddly shaped, smaller pieces then sewing them together to create fabric with many stitch lines. It started as a necessity: I wanted to use scraps to create the blocks for our guild’s opportunity quilt. I had to piece the smaller scraps together because I just didn’t have enough. Now I like what it looks like.


the franken-fabric pre-squaring